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Having a website is only useful if people can find your page. In the sea of websites, customers use search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) to discover what they are looking for. In the evolution of search, Google has created algorithms (a formula) that helps them decide which website they should display higher on the page. Gaining favorable page ranking has become a very competitive space ... but we have discovered that there are some simple strategic practices that will provide your website with a boost, namely maintaining a complete unanimous listing across all the official web Directories.................. We also specialize in malware removal, excellent customer service, and inclusive 24/7 technical support for your Business & Home Computers. We can help you all the way down to standard tune ups to optimizing the performance of your PC and MAC........... Our friendly and personable certified technicians are here around the clock to ensure all of our customers have the help they need, when they need it. The service you get with us at StartSEO will always exceed your expectations and your machine is always in trusted hands. We guarantee that our work will always leave your PC running at its maximum performance. Our services include purchasing, activation, and installation of StopZilla remotely onto your PC; We also provide complementary malware removal services, as well as educational services regarding preventative measures that help you to better protect yourself from malware.



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